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My artistic journey has largely been about dialogue.  While my work holding meaning for me, I also want each viewer to be able to engage the images from their own perspective.  For this reason I mostly exclude faces from the image and focus on gesture, context and color.  The contrast between anonymity and intimacy is one I find rich with meaning.  Figures remain the subject and color sets the tone.

The other part of dialogue is response.  Getting feedback from curators, fine art collectors and anyone else who has a perspective is an essential piece of my process.  If people have any response that they're willing to share, I want to respect that and hear it.

I primarily make oil paintings, but occasionally I also use acrylic, watercolor, colored pencil or mixed media.  The richness of oil paints and the trueness of hue are the main appeal.  The viseral quality of slathering on color and form and thought is pretty good too.  Most of my pieces are done on birch wood surfaces with a hardwood support.

   jessica grace bechtel

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