Recent Work


The current series here began as some simple color studies exploring red/green compliments.  From there I began to consider connection, reunion, unity, togetherness.  With quarantines from the global pandemic and renewed protests for racial justice and an end to police brutality, these are now hopes for a future that isn't here yet.  

Muddy Waters

The series delves the metaphor of flood waters.  I began preparation for this series at the beginning of 2017 with lots on my mind about the world. A challenge on all levels, these pieces you'll see have an emotional edge to them that came in waves of the pieces.


I began a series of portraits of turtles (a group of which is called a bail).  These strange and wonderful creatures have a special fascination for me.  They have these tough outer shells for protection, but are relatively gentle creatures.  They are beautiful, yet earthy.  This has lead me to some other creatures deer and more to come.

Fern Series

This series was an investigation of the complimentary relationship between the figure and and ferns.  In particular, I was interested in the ability of both to articulate ideas, impressions and feelings.


Secondarily, this was a exploration of media.  Most of my work has been 2D.  Adding the sculptural metal elements presented a challenging and rewarding growth experience. / ©2018 All Rights Reserved

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