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 Work Jessica grace art

Snakes and Beach Litter

In the midst of a great deal of heaviness and upheaval, I felt a deep need to chase beauty and follow my curiosity to things that brought be joy.  So these candy colored snakes and beach litter are where that has lead.


This series of paintings began as some simple color studies exploring red/green compliments.  From there I began to consider connection, reunion, unity, togetherness.  With the array of challenges that we have faced globally and personally in recent years these are now hopes for a future that isn't here yet.  

Muddy Waters

The series delves the metaphor of flood waters.  I began preparation for this series at the beginning of 2017 with lots on my mind about the world. A challenge on all levels, these pieces you'll see have an emotional edge to them that came in waves of the pieces.

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